As part of his role as a Member of Parliament Ron’s office includes full time constituency staff based in Calgary.

Ron’s constituency staff is committed to assisting you when you encounter problems dealing with federal government departments or agencies, or when you need information on federal government policies. Constituents often need help with personal situations regarding Citizenship and Immigration, Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan, Canada Revenue Agency, etc.

While the constituency offices are not intake points for government departments, Ron’s staff can make enquiries, facilitate communication, or act as expeditors when processing timeframes seem to have been exceeded by government departments.

Ron’s constituency staff can also help you request congratulatory messages for family or friends who are celebrating special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. Please feel free to contact our office to request a congratulatory message.

To reach Ron’s constituency office call 403-292-6666 or email

I have a concern.  Do I contact my City Councillor, MLA, or MP?

One of the three branches of Government (municipal, provincial, or federal) may either solely have jurisdiction to assist you with your concern, or there may be joint jurisdiction.  You are welcome to contact Ron Liepert’s office first and we can advise you on who has jurisdiction over your issue, and provide appropriate contact information.  The list below shows common concerns and which level of government has jurisdiction, but is not intended to be exhaustive.

Not everyone who is represented by Ron Liepert, MP has the same MLA or City Counsellor – as the boundaries of the electoral districts are different municipally and provincially.

Municipal Government
Contact your Councillor
Provincial Government
Contact your MLA
Federal Government
Contact your MP
Calgary Transit
Traffic within the city
Garbage and recycling
Power, sewer, water
Healthcare (Alberta Health Services)
Education (K-12 and post secondary)
Natural resource royalties
Canada Revenue Agency (taxation concerns)
National Defence / Foreign Affairs