• Fall Economic Update

    Dear Constituents, The Liberal government this week released its long-awaited economic update.  This report to Canadians is the government’s answer for failing to introduce a budget since ...

  • Suncor Moving 700 Jobs from Ontario to Calgary

    Suncor announced this week that it’s moving 700 jobs FROM Ontario TO Calgary. I doubt the Liberal MPs in the area are too happy. Will pink slips make them finally stand up against their ...

  • Speech on C-7 Medical Assistance in Dying

    Watch MP Ron Liepert’s Comments in Support of Bill C-7  

COVID-19 Update May 29 2020

Dear Constituents, Deeper in debt and little to show for it might soon become the Liberal government’s motto. On Monday of this week the Prime Minister announced his intention to implement ten paid sick days leave for Canadian workers. This announcement was a blatant capitulation to the NDP ... Full Article

COVID-19 Update May 22 2020

Dear Constituents, The Liberal government spent the past week fixing programs, adjusting timelines, and defending its open ended spending policies.  Here are a few brief highlights that I will discuss in more detail in this email. • New guidelines were introduced allowing more small ... Full Article

COVID-19 Update – May 15

Dear Constituents, “Baby steps back to normalcy” is one way to describe Alberta mid May 2020. This week marked the first steps in the first stage of re-opening the economy. Golf courses and some medical offices have been operating for up to two weeks now and while the doors to retail ... Full Article

COVID-19 Update May 8

Dear Constituents, As always, I hope this email finds you well.   This past week centered more around plans to open the economy rather than any major new announcements of financial assistance from the government.  As such, this email offers a bit more commentary for industry implications, and ... Full Article

COVID-19 Update April 30

Dear Constituents, As always, I hope this email finds you well.  Below is a summary of important developments this week. Alberta Relaunch Strategy Many constituents have been anxiously awaiting word on reopening the economy. While our Conservative opposition continues to call on the Liberal ... Full Article

Watch Your Mailbox!

We’re sending a mail out to all constituents regarding COVID-19.  The mail out provides a message from Ron, and an overview of programs available.  Click here to view it online. Full Article

COVID Emergency Response Act Update

I want to provide you with an update on the latest action Parliament is undertaking in relation to the COVID-19 crisis.  While this email deals with the circumstances surrounding the government response bill, I want to emphasize that this is not a political matter.  This is about doing ... Full Article

COVID-19 Update April 23 2020

Dear Constituents, Today marks the end of week six of isolation and many constituents are asking when is this going to be over. Any decision to relax some of the measures will be made by Premier Kenny and the provincial cabinet. Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health continues to report ... Full Article

Ministerial Q&A for the week of April 20th

We have assembled key questions asked of Government minister’s for this week, and included their answers below for your review.   Question:       Mr. Speaker, our business owners are worried. Some are not sure if they will be able to reopen. Bills are piling up, and revenues are ... Full Article

COVID-19 Update April 13

Here is our latest update from Monday, April 13 Dear Constituents, Following an emergency session of Parliament on Saturday, the federal wage subsidy bill C-14 received royal assent. This now puts in place a $70 billion program where business, charities and not for profit organizations can ... Full Article